Seeing the Holy Land through spiritual eyes, with Kyle Woodruff

So here’s a question; if you could visit Israel and go to all the places you’ve read about and dreamed of experiencing, using every sense but sight--meaning you wouldn't see a thing--would you still want to go? Would it be worth it?

Kyle Woodruff has been blind since birth, but on a recent tour of the Holy Land with a choir, he “saw” the land of Israel and the places Jesus walked and taught, in very different ways than everyone else in the group--and came up with some amazing and surprising insights.

That’s this week on The Cricket and Seagull

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"Hearts and Minds" with Kayson Brown

Motivating and inspiring young people to do their best is always a good thing, but how to do it?  In the case of the members of the Lyceum Philharmonic Orchestra, director Kayson Brown seems to have found just the right formula for inspiring excellence.

In this interview he talks about high expections, love, and an over-riding sense of purpose; traits which apply to much more than music, although we’ll be sure to hear lots of great music along the way.

That’s this week on The Cricket and Seagull.

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