Celebrate Pioneer Day with "Songs of the Mormons," from the Library of Congress

Happy Pioneer Day!

Music has been a part of the Mormon tradition from the very beginning.  Whether it was hymns or folk songs, it seems there was music created to mark most important occasions.  For instance, we have the dedication of the Kirtland, Ohio, temple in 1836 to thank for the hymn "The Spirit of God" appearing in our hymnals today.

The wagon company of 1847 was hardly under way before William Clayton came up with his new version of "All is Well" which we know as "Come, Come Ye Saints."  And it was just over 150 years ago when the first of many handcart companies set out for the Rocky Mountains, pushing and pulling their way across a continent to the tune of "The Handcart Song."  Plus there were the humorous songs about the railroad and the bad influence it was bound to bring to the territory.

 This week in celebration of Pioneer Day on July 24th—a state holiday in Utah—we feature Mormon folk songs from the Library of Congress Archive of Folk Culture.  These examples were recorded in 1946 and 1947 by Austin Fife and his wife Alta on a trip covering Utah, gathering songs passed on in the folk tradition—either learned firsthand from the writer or passed down in families and communities through the generations.  

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When do you need a professional genealogist?

With over 40 years of research and accreditations to his name, James Petty is the perfect guide to the ins and outs of using professional family research services.

The great uncle who supposedly died as a child, but turned out to have lived and had two families (unbeknownst to each other); the elusive grandfather who drifted from state to state leaving no trace of where he died and was buried; these are just two of the recent mysteries professional researcher James Petty has been called upon to solve.

With a treasure-trove of stories and experience, the founder of Heirlines.com gives us an overview of his upcoming presentations at the BYU Conference for Family History & Genealogy (July 26-29, 2011) and gives candid advice about finding the right person with the right qualifications when you need some extra help finding important family information.  It's informative and entertaining.

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How YOU can benefit from the BYU Conference on Family History and Genealogy

Now in it's 43rd year, BYU's annual Conference on Family History & Genealogy has learned to respond to its attendees and provide the most useful information in the most usable way.  With separate tracks over the four-day conference you can choose general knowledge ("How do I turn this computer on?") up to detailed specifics ("How do I keep these Norwegian names straight?").

John Best of BYU's Conferences and Workshops gives us an in-depth preview of the conference beginning on July 26, 2011, and points out how it can even bless those who can't attend through the yearly publication of the detailed syllabus which includes notes from every single presenter.  Here's an interview you'll want to forward to your favorite family history buff.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull.

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