"17 Miracles" features Utah handcart pioneers on film
Most Latter-day Saints could tell you a fact or two about the handcart companies of 1856, but few could give you the names, the humorous incidents, the brutal facts, and especially the innumerable miracles which accompanied their every step.
With the premier of "17 Miracles" only weeks away, film maker T.C. Christensen sat down with one of the actresses and a producer of the movie to share some of these stories, and why he ended up retelling a story which has been told many times before.
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"Josh Wright" Blends Hymns with Classical Favorites

In a surprising juxtaposition of two familiar genres, award-winning LDS pianist Josh Wright blends sacred and classical favorites in a satisfying new album for piano and orchestra.  In this interview, Josh describes how a mission to South Dakota turned out not to be a detour from his musical journey, but part of the path, and how he feels about dedicating so much of his time to music.

On this new recording you'll hear occasional hints of Jazz and New-Age piano, but more than anything, a respect for classical technique and repertoire played thoughtfully and at times powerfully.

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