"New Life," by Paul Cardall reaches #1 on Billboard chart

After living for more than three decades with a congenital heart defect, award-winning LDS pianist Paul Cardall received a miracle. His life was saved by a last-minute heart transplant. In New Life, Paul’s newfound gratitude and humility for life pours through his fingers into inspiring new compositions perfect for meditation, contemplation, or even casual listening.

In this audio interview Paul remembers waking up after the transplant and beginning to write again for New Life, which reached number one on the Billboard New Age charts.

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"Glimpses Beyond Death's Door" by Brent & Wendy Top

In this audio interview BYU Religion Professor and former LDS mission president Brent Top joins his wife Wendy in sharing their years of research into near-death experiences from people of all faiths—drawing from them fascinating gospel insights.

The Tops have created much more than just a collection of interesting accounts; this is a book rich with scripture and commentary from Latter-day prophets which creates a doctrinal lens through which to interpret the variety of experiences shared from people around the world.  From the amazing characteristics of our Spirit bodies to the incredible love and learning which are the hallmarks of "life on the other side," you'll find encouragement and peace concerning that next step which we all will eventually take.

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Daily Scriptures via Email from LDSmusicnow.com

Besides being a rock-solid fixture in the LDS music industry, composer Greg Hansen has teamed with his tech-savvy son Jade on an innovative delivery system for music and now a free daily scripture delivery system.

The Hansens tell how you can choose which book of scriptures and how many verses you'd like to receive daily, plus muse on the future of LDS music in the day of rapid technological change.

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