"Holy Lands - A History of the Latter-day Saints in the Near East," with Blair Van Dyke

Blair Van Dyke, one of the authors of "Holy Lands," shares some of the inspiring events and key moments in the amazing, but mostly unknown history of the church in the lands at the center of human and religious history.

From dedicatory prayers to missionaries sent across the miles to reach a single person, we just begin to scratch the surface of the stories which show the hand of the Lord moving powerfully in modern times in these ancient places still so relevant to our lives today, and to the future of the whole human race.

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"Gethsemane - Peace & Hope Amidst Trials" by Todd McCabe & April Moriarty

This fourth in a series of moving, meditative hymns by violinist April Moriarty and pianist Todd McCabe completes the arc of the Savior's life begun with their previous albums "Bethlehem," "Galilee," and "Calvary."

Todd & April talk about their hymn choices, why they feel this "Gethsemane" is hopeful, rather than sorrowful, and about the amazing gift of communicating through instrumental music in general.

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In this 8th annual Book of Mormon Lands Conference in Salt Lake City, to be held Saturday, Oct 23, 2010, scholars and researchers will discuss topics from DNA, the "Heartland Model" vs. the "Mesoamerica Model," and comparisons between the Olmecs and the Jaredites.

See the full day's schedule online at BMAF.org and listen to hear Dr. Stephen Carr discuss the various presentations and the presenters, including keynote speaker Richard Bushman on "The Gold Plates in Mormon thought and Culture," and DNA expert Ugo Perego.

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"Day of Rest," a New Album of Hymns from Jericho Road

Their live performances and previous recordings have made them best know for their dancing and boy-band harmonies, but Abe, Justin, Bret, and Dave--the guys of Jericho Road--have always felt there was a missing album in their discography; a collection of hymns.

With "Day of Rest," you'll hear more solo pieces than usual, learn how a college performing group set them on their current path as a group, find out who has the best/worst golf swing, and most importantly, discover why every song chosen for this new CD is a testimony of Jesus.

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