Behind the Scenes at with David Dalley

It only launched in November of 2008, but has been shooting up the ratings charts for online stations since the day it went live, including reaching it's one-millionth stream. 

And that's not the only surprising thing about the station; the Lord must move in mysterious ways--that's the only way production manager David Dalley can explain how a choral conducting degree, a stint as a producer for Glenn Beck, and a case of ADD all coalesced into the perfect job for him behind the scenes at

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Stories from St. George with Doug Alder

Ever wondered how St. George, Utah, got its name?  Heard the story of the "stumpy steeple" and wondered if Brother Brigham really used lightning to get his way?  And just how did they use a cannon of mysterious origin to help build the temple?

You'll get the scoop on all of these stories and more, including a remarkable vision of the US founding fathers and a revelation on tithing, from historian, author, storyteller, and former Dixie College president Doug Alder.

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"Road Less Traveled" with David Osmond

While he's sung everything from boy band to musical theater and pop since he first became the lead singer of The Osmond Boys at age four, this is David Osmond's first inspirational album release.  And what's more, it's full of contemporary Christian songs he's co-written from his own life experience.

In this interview you'll hear the background of the songs, some of the hymns from the 5-song bonus CD included in the new release, and some lessons learned from a difficult period after a diagnosis of MS seemed like it would sideline his musical plans. Plus, there's a cameo vocal appearance on one of the tracks by David's father, Alan, on a remake of a favorite Osmond song David grew up hearing.

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LDS 12-Step Conference at UVU - with Phil and Colleen Harrison

LDS Twelve-Step Conference to be Held at UVU in Orem, UT, Next Week

What is addiction?  What are the Twelve Steps?  How do they fit together with the gospel?

As authors of books on using the Twelve-Step process to receive healing and recovery through the atonement of Jesus Christ, and as recovering addicts themselves, Phil and Colleen Harrison are the perfect guides to share the hope available to sufferers of addiction everywhere.  In a candid and informative interview, you'll learn about the free Twelve-Step Conference to be held at UVU on August 13th and 14th of this year, plus find out about ongoing resources at  That's where you can for a .pdf flier of the conference schedule and topics.

Whether you're interested for yourself or a loved one, whether you struggle with an addiction or compulsion or not, there is much here to learn about humility, about how closely the Lord walks with us in our weaknesses, and what it really means to have "weak things become strong," as the Lord promises in the book of Ether.
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