"Song of Redeeming Love," by Dallyn Vail Bayles Whether he's toured with "Les Mis" or his current gig in "Phantom of the Opera," Dallyn Bayles always seems to find a connection with redemption in his characters.  It isn't much of a stretch at all though to find the themes of love and redemption in the life of the Savior, or in this album celebrating his atonement and the effect he has on each of us personally.

On a paternity break from "Phantom," (he and his wife Rachel just welcomed their fourth child) Dallyn talks about new versions of traditional favorites like "Come Thou Fount" and "Amazing Grace," and the more contemporary pieces he's sprinkled in, like "He'll Find a Way" and "Come Harvest Time."  It's great listening for fans of rich orchestration and a trained voice.

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"Take the Mountain Down" now on CD, DVD, and on BYU-TV

The idea for this show began over 40 years ago when Don Oscarson (writer of the original Nauvoo Pageant) was driving through Cajun country in Louisiana listening to the blues, and it finally made it onstage when he matched it up with writers Marvin Payne and Steven Kapp Perry.  

This engaging, new retelling of the timeless parable of the Prodigal Son is set in Kentucky coal country and features an imaginative staging of the classic tale featuring 6 show-stopping performers who seamlessly trade off roles and instruments like they were born to do it.  "Take The Mountain Down" premiered live at BYU Education Week two years ago which led to a recent taping by BYU Broadcasting.  Don't miss it on BYU-TV Tues, May 25th, at 8 PM Mountain Time, and the following Saturday, the 29th, at 9 PM.  Also available now on CD and DVD at MarvinPayne.com

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"Light in the Wilderness - Explorations in the Spiritual Life" by M. Catherine Thomas
Because the gospel is a constant in so many of our lives, we may hear certain words and concepts mentioned so frequently that we think we "get them," or have a complete understanding.  One of the beauties of "Light in the Wilderness, Explorations in the Spiritual Life" is the way it strips away that "veil of familiarity" and beckons us to new dimensions of enlightenment concerning even the most basic concepts of God, nature, and what we are made of.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Catherine Thomas invites fellow seekers to search behind familiar gospel words and concepts to find the spiritual realities they represent.  From sacrifice to joy, this is a journey of increasing peace and faith in the God who made us and invites us to expand our minds and spirits and become like him.

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"Beautiful Dawn" by Mercy River

"Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" in 5/4 time?  Yes, and it works.  Originals, hymns, and even a primary song all mixed together?  yes, and it works.  What really works is the 3-part of blend of the voices and personalities of Soni, Brooke, and Whitney, the three young mothers who make up Mercy River.

Coming into their own on their second album release, you'll hear about choosing songs, the impact of meeting LDS sisters at Time Out for Women events around the country, and why this particular kind of music feels just right for Mercy River.

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