"I Need Thee Every Hour" by David P. Vandagriff

"The Atonement of Jesus Christ is not only a gift for our last breath or the last day of our lives, it is also for every day of our lives, and breath of our lives."  So says author and former LDS bishop David Vandagriff.
With vivid examples and specific experiences, the writer tells of learning to apply the Atonement not only to the effects of sin, but to undeserved suffering, prayer, despair, and ev en the good times in life.
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"Then Sings My Soul," by Jenny Oaks Baker

She got her Masters at Juilliard and has played everything from the classics as first violinist with the National Symphony to her impressive solo recordings of great movie themes, but Jenny Oaks Baker feels closest to her Heavenly Father when performing and listening to sacred music.
While on a concert visit to Salt Lake City, this virtuoso violinist talks about her new collaboration with Emmy Award-winning composer Sam Cardon, and her search for both the peaceful and the epic in timeless themes and hymns like "How Great Thou Art,"  "All Creatures of Our God and King," and "Finlandia."
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"The Time-Starved Family," by DeAnne Flynn

As a mother of seven, DeAnne Flynn knows well the challenge of staying balanced in a world where busier seems to be equated with better. In her book, The Time-Starved Family, Helping Overloaded Families Focus on What Matters Most, the author shares 16 practical ideas for breaking out of the hectic, stressful, over-scheduled way of living.
From dumping the guilt and comparing to learning when to say "no," DeAnne shares ways to increase and improve the time your family has together by focusing on what's most important.
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"Trust God No Matter What!" by Darla Isackson

Darla Isackson knows her topic by heart because she has lived it—those moments which surprise us, frustrate us, break our hearts, and leave us reeling, wondering if everything we believe is really true.
Organized by topic and experience, the author shares her personal experience and a wealth of comfort from scripture and modern prophets to testify that God is trustworthy in all things whether we are dealing with divorce, depression, death, anger, the need to forgive, or any of the other mortal experiences which can be our opportunity to truly take the Lord's hand in a new and stronger way.
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