Healing Hands for Haiti -- How You Can Help

It began with an online plea for 150 Latter-day Saint volunteers with expertise in medicine, construction, and the French/Creole languages, all to fly to Haiti and help with relief and rebuilding after the massive earthquake.  Within hours emails and applications began pouring in by the thousands.
In this edition you'll hear interviews and excerpts from the pre-flight meeting with Haitians, returned missionaries, Steve Studdert—the operation director, and other LDS members who will be reporting the efforts of this non-official group of church members giving their best to be anxiously engaged in helping the orphans, the injured, and the hungry in Haiti.
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LDSmusicnow.com with Greg Hansen and Jade Hansen You hear the song and want it, but not the whole CD; the answer? Downloadble .mp3 files of individual songs. You want your choir to sing the song but can't wait two weeks for shipping; the answer? Downloadable printable .pdf files of copyright-legal sheet music.

Composer/Arranger/Producer Greg Hansen and his tech-savvy son Jade have combined the .mp3s and the .pdfs into LDSmusicnow.com, a site which sends out a free download a week, has a 24/7 radio option, and more. Plus, you'll thrill to hear about the how-to elements of President Kimball's gospel vision of the arts beginning to come to pass through new technology.

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