"The 3 Word Journal" by Randal A. Wright Forget that most famous first-page diary entry on January 1st where you try to sum up the entire previous year. Instead, listen as noted EFY and Education Week speaker Randal Wright teaches you The 3 Word Journal technique, and get started accessing your own mind and your own experiences in a simple, yet profoundly meaningful way.

You'll be surprised what memories and events just a few words can trigger and how easy it is to "3 Word" them for later expansion. You'll soon have a catalogue of instantly accessible life experiences which point the way to what the Lord has prepared you for in this life and be able to leave a legacy of personal learning to bless your family for generations.

(I'm not kidding when I say this is one of the most fascinating and useful interviews I've conducted and I really wish I could make everyone sit down and listen for 20 minutes, then share it with a friend.)


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The New FamilySearch with Ron Tanner Now accessible in nearly every temple district, the LDS Church's New FamilySearch program puts research resources at your fingertips in ways only dreamed of even a few decades ago, and prevents the duplication of effort which has bogged down the work in the past.

Product Manager Ron Tanner talks about how to log on, new advances in the online program, the realization of an amazing visionary statement from 1947, why you're never too old to learn to use the New FamilySearch, and why it's changing the atmosphere in temples everywhere.

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"Achieving Your Life Mission" by Randal A. Wright Most Latter-day Saints can answer the "Why are we here?" question from childhood, but it can be a bit trickier to find the answer to "Why am I here?" Institute instructor, author, and EFY and Education Week speaker Randal A. Wright worries about that, "Because," he says, the youth we are retaining in the church "are the ones who really know who they are," while we lose many of the others.

In this interview Dr. Wright talks about Patriarchal Blessings, how the Lord reveals things to us over time, using both our strengths and our weaknesses as clues, and why we are never to old to ask the Lord, "What's next for me?"

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"This Night," Christmas Music from Wayne Burton Though most of his patients in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada call him Dr. Burton, fans of his music just call him Wayne.

On his first Christmas release, Wayne Burton shares originals like "This Night," and "One Life," (which you can also find on YouTube.com with videos) and classics like "Angels We Have Heard on High," and "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day," supported by artists like Jenny Frogley, Cherie Call, Alex Boyé, and Justin Smith.

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"A Day Like No Other," by Scot Facer Proctor In over 40 trips to The Sacred Grove both on his own and with tour groups, author and photographer Scot Proctor has seen the Smith Farm in every light and every season, but there was one day, early in the morning, which truly was a day like no other.  The images captured on that magical day have now found their way into a book for both children and adults which is as close to a journey to the grove with young Joseph Smith as you can have, short of going there yourself.

Scot Proctor talks about deciding what to do with the gift of that day's photographs, the unique opportunity to publish the book simultaneously in eleven different languages, and about the questions and content included in the text itself.

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