"Another Witness," with Janice Kapp Perry & Gary Kapp For decades, people have been drawn to the inspiring music of Janice Kapp Perry and the sacred art of her brother Gary Kapp. Now, for the first time, the pair have combined their talents to present a stirring witness of the Savior through music and art with a book containing twenty-three full-color paintings and twenty-five original hymns and songs.

Janice and Gary talk about this tribute to the ancient people of the Book of Mormon, their own artistic beginnings, and a few of their spiritual experiences in the writing and painting of the works featured in "Another Witness—Music and Art that Testify of Christ."

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"Emergency Food in a Nutshell" with Lisa Harkness & Leslie Probert Once upon a time, two slightly frustrated neighbors began compiling all the useful food storage and food preparation info they could find into one place, which soon became the book they'd always wished for, but never found. Now in it's seventh printing, this eminently practical and helpful book has become many people's food storage "Bible."  

In "Emergency Food in a Nutshell," authors Lisa Harkness and Leslie Probert share the "why," the "how," and especially the "useful" and the "simple," about storing, cooking, and enjoying emergency food, and, perhaps best of all, the spiritual motivation and blessings for those who are willing to be prepared.

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"Grace" by Cherie Call When an established singer/songwriter puts out a new album of top-notch songs, it does tend to make a little splash. And in this case, the whole collection is about the little splashes of grace that ripple outward forever in our lives.

From the almost comical images of "Grace is Amazing" to "Leave it Like it Is," Cherie Call makes sure you get a full dose of the cheery and the teary, and rejoices in the comfort and the lessons to be found in the down-to-earth, every-day details of our lives.

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"Santa Biblia" the Audio Version with Omar Canals Years in the making, the new print publication of "Santa Biblia," or the Holy Bible, by the LDS Church, now has an audio counterpart.

Omar Canals, the Executive Producer for the project and one of the readers, recounts the effort to capture the Spirit in the recordings, the differences between English and Spanish, and how these new audio recordings can bless members around the world.

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