"Types and Shadows: Intimations of Divinity" with Dawn Pheysey In her 17 years as Curator of Religious Art at BYU's Museum of Art, Dawn Pheysey has seen the Religious collection grow in amazing and often miraculous ways.

Join us for a walk-through and talk-through of "Types and Shadows" and learn how both in art and in life, everything testifies of Christ.  Also, follow the link on the Cricket and Seagull page to find images of the art and a viewable .pdf file of the beautiful exhibition booklet, and follow along with us. Also, at the end of the interview, a special musical feature, "Sacraments & Symbols."

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A Visit to Israel, with Kay Godfrey While his academic credentials make him a well-qualified guide in the Near East, it's the scriptural connections he makes with the places and the people that bring the past to life for archeologist and anthropologist Kay Godfrey.

In this interview he describes some of his favorite sites and why he loves sharing them with tour groups, addresses the safety concerns some have, and tells why now, of all times, is the time to visit Israel and experience life as it was lived 2,000 years ago--the same way many of the present-day residents still live.

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GenerationMaps.com with Janet Hovorka Even though she was a librarian, Janet Hovorka's first reaction to organizing the thousands of family history names and records she inherited, was to run and hide. It was only after she made an emotional connection through a piece of heirloom furniture that her mind and heart began to open up to the blessings of making these people part of her life.

And what blessings are those? Janet talks to seminars all over the country about how the information comes to you, once you begin, how putting your family history on the wall where you can see it can get you through tough times, and how you can let go of being overwhelmed and let the "One Thing" you can do present itself.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull...

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