The Mormon Miracle Pageant - with Doug Barton The Mormon Miracle Pageant takes place on a temple hill chosen by prophecy, and the yearly gathering of thousands on those grounds was foreseen by a former temple president more than a decade before the presentation was conceived. It's an old-style pageant with touches of melodrama in the script and hints of Cecil B. de Mille in the music and mass movement, all performed by a cast of nearly a thousand which can completely fill the dramatic hillside stage.

Join Manti, Utah, native and pageant President Doug Barton for behind-the-scenes information and the spiritual history of The Mormon Miracle pageant, which plays to over 90,000 viewers each June.

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The New LDS Church History Library - With Christine Cox In her 30 plus years at the LDS Church History Library, Christine Cox has had the chance to explore not only the most famous items in the collection, but also to learn about her own family's history and even to contribute some history of her own.

With the public open house for the new building coming up on June 12th and 13th, Christine describes the history of the Church's record-keeping, what you'll see when you visit, the wide variety of resources soon to be available to professional researcher and layman alike, and why history is about connecting with the people, not just the facts.

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