"Love That Lasts," by Gary and Joy Lundberg While it's no secret that nearly every couple has some degree of difficulty and adjustment in their marriage relationship, the solutions to those challenges often seem elusive and out of reach.  Drawing on their expertise as a marriage counselor and as marriage workshop leaders, Gary and Joy Lundberg reveal what they call "fourteen secrets every spouse should know to keep marriage joyful, passionate, and fulfilling.

Covering everything from finances and parenting to communication and intimacy, the Lundbergs address the differing needs of men and women with sensitive, real istic, and easy-to-understand examples that can increase the likelihood of making any marriage a Love That Lasts.

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"Guitar Hymns" by Ryan Tilby He started out on Banjo and has worked his way through all kinds of stringed instruments--including the bass he plays on tour with Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band, but Ryan Tilby feels he's found a new kind of voice in the acoustic guitar.

On "Guitar Hymns," his new CD of reverent hymn solos, he combines arrangements begun as a missionary in Madrid, Spain, on a hand-made classical guitar (you can hear that guitar on this CD), with more recent interpretations. It's as simple and basic as can be--meaning no overdubs--just like Ryan Tilby walked into your home, sat down, and played a lit tle personal concert for you.

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"Why? Powerful Answers and Practical Reasons for Living LDS Standards" Most parents agree that "Why?" is one of the first and most-asked questions by their children and while there are times when "Because the Lord said so" really is the reason, there is power when we can also supply a "Why."

From their years of teaching youth and young adults in the church, authors and EFY speakers John Hilton III and Anthony Sweat have compiled many of the most important answers for LDS youth 12-18 into one book.  With quotes from Church leaders, real-life stories, and colorful graphics, this is a book you can read even a bite-sized chunk at a time and still get great answers to the "Why" of dating, friends, media, commandments, fasting, etc.

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"The Fading Flower" by Mahonri Stewart For most members of the LDS church, David Hyrum Smith, the youngest of Joseph and Emma Smith's children—born after Joseph's martyrdom—is an unknown. Given by nature to painting and poetry, he was in some ways the most unprepared of the Smith children for the eventual tug-of-war between various Mormon factions hoping to claim the Smith legacy in the years after the main body of the saints moved West.

In "The Fading Flower," his new work for the stage premiering this month, Latter-day Saint playwright Mahonri Stewart explores a fascinating part of the Smith family history during the time of David's courtship and Emma's struggles to protect and hold together her maturing family. Mahonri and actress Kathryn Laycock Little, who plays Emma Smith, talk about the play, the characters, and share excerpts recorded during rehearsal.

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"Rescuing Wayward Children" by Larry Barkdull Does anything hurt more than seeing the child you love and have taught making choices you know will bring them spiritual pain? If your child has gone astray, perhaps there is some comfort in knowing you are not alone! In fact, you are in good company. Some of the best parents who have ever lived have struggled with wayward children.

Author Larry Barkdull talks about the unique conditions that affect latter-day parenting and shares the gospel tools that that infuse parents with spiritual power, and gives hope to all those whose loved ones have wandered.

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