"Scripture Scouts Sing Along - My Family and Me" In a world which isn't even sure anymore how to define words like "marriage" and "family," here come the Scripture Scouts celebrating the biggest, most basic concepts in the entire universe with songs both sweet and silly.

Scripture Scout writers Roger and Melanie Hoffman, Marvin Payne, and Steven Kapp Perry (plus Boo the Dog) share stories and songs from this new sing-along CD, which takes 29 songs from the "Family Proclamation" edition of the Scripture Scouts series and creates a joyful musical journey through our Father's plan of happiness with the most important people in the world -- our families!

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"The Ghosts of Gardner Village" with Clive Romney and Tammy Robinson Hammie Orr's little St. Johns cabin. The widow Walker's house built from freighters' materials. The Ahlstrom & Russell cabins now married together. The Johnsons with their amazing two-story Rush Valley cabin. Archie Gardner and his mill.  Why were these structures, which would have been destroyed if they hadn't become part of Gardner Village, preserved? What stories need to be told?

Nancy Hanson, Rob Honey, Sam Payne, Tammy Robinson and Clive Romney have been talking with the Ghosts of Gardner Village and have created a production of enchanting musical tales from the stories they've been told. Clive and Tammy talk about the new CD, upcoming live performances, and why and how you should consider turning your own family history into art.

And yes, at the veeerry end, we’ll even include an actual ghost story or two.

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"Saying It Like It Is," by Sheri Dew You don't serve in the Relief Society General Presidency and interact with women around the world without learning a thing or two about their role in the church and in the world.  You don't become CEO and President of Deseret Book without learning a thing or two about leadership.  And you don't write over a half-dozen best-selling books unless you know how take what you've learned and put it into words in a way that sticks with people.

Sheri Dew is a remarkable person even aside from the honors and service listed above.  In this interview she uses quotes from her new book, "Saying It Like It Is," as a springboard to discuss women, priesthood, inspiration, and how the Saints can make a difference in the world.

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"Enough is Enough," Debt-Free Living by Cheryl Carson If you're sick and tired enough of being trapped and strapped, if the desire to break out of financial bondage is strong enough, it can be done—more quickly than you'd think and without using a budget or sending Mom out to work.  But be warned, this book is not for the faint of heart.  It's the bracing slap-in-the-face print equivalent of a financial boot-camp.

After she and her husband paid off business debts of over $60,000 in just three years and then did the same with their home mortgage over the next three, author and professional-grade spendthrift Cheryl Carson has the experience, the know-how, and a book full of practical advice to really help you make it happen.  You'll be amazed, you'll think she's crazy, and then—if you've got enough humility— you'll might find yourself rethinking words like "needs" and "wants."

Listen as Cheryl describes four ways the adversary uses debt to bind and discourage us, then shares a brief overview of her "Six Steps to Debt-Free Living."

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