"Be Thou An Example" 2009 Songs for Youth Writing and producing music for youth is always a challenge, but especially when you're creating material to work in settings as varied as chapels and outdoor activities.

Producers Barry Gibbons and Jim Funk talk about creating this project in support of the 2009 theme for LDS Young Men and Young Women, and the serendipitous inclusion of a few lines of lyric even before "Virtue" was added to the Young Women's values statement.

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"The Continuous Atonement" by Brad Wilcox The sacrament prayers have to be delivered word-perfect, but the person giving the prayer gets as many chances as he needs to get it right. And if he messes it up again the next week, he gets to try again. When the prayer is finally delivered correctly, the effort is counted as perfect, no matter how many tries it took to get there.

From a wealth of experience as an LDS bishop and mission president, well-known author and speaker Brad Wilcox shares hopeful insights into the continuous nature of Christ's atonement, why repentance is a process more than an event, why we are in danger of losing a generation who give up rather than grasp the idea of "incremental worthiness," and how the atonement can do so much more than just bring us back to God, but actually changes our natures.

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"Janice Kapp Perry: A Life of Service and Song" with Clinton Baxter & Greg Anderson Condensing any lifetime into a one-hour documentary is a daunting task, but it can be even more difficult when you're also trying to find space for 20 or so songs to represent the life work of one of the LDS Church's best-loved and most prolific composers.

The documentary premieres Monday, February 16, 2009, at 8 PM Mountain Time. Producers Clinton Baxter and Greg Anderson talk about choosing the material, doing the interviews, the surprising things they learned along the way, and, in particular, the subject herself, Janice Kapp Perry.

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