"Rejoice and Be Merry" with Mack Wilberg, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir,  and The King's Singers Combining a world-famous choir and orchestra with the world-renowned King's Singers was both a joy and a challenge for Tabernacle Choir director Dr. Mack Wilberg. Besides waving the baton and keeping everyone together, he also did the bulk of the beautiful arrangements on this new holiday release (also available on DVD).

Dr. Wilberg shares his approach to arranging for the choir, points out a few musical highlights from this new production, and talks about the privilege of doing the work he does.

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"Love Like That" with Daniel Beck His range and repertoire make the Josh Groban comparisons unavoidable, but Daniel Beck's debut CD "Love Like That" definitely shows a polished and passionate performer who can stand on his own on any stage or in any recording studio.

Dan talks about singing, recording, and finding songs about love that fit right in-between the personal and the religious. The CD is available for download or purchase, plus, he has an upcoming premier concert/benefit performance in Salt Lake City.

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"If I Only Had Today" with Hilary Weeks For her seventh CD, singer/songwriter Hilary Weeks decided not to stress, not to stay awake worrying (and crying) about whether the songs would come, but simply to trust they would and keep moving.

It's a nice metaphor for all sorts of experiences which take us to the edge of our worries and weaknesses and ask us to step off—into what? That's what these songs are all about. Plus, a story about 24 yellow roses you won't want to miss.

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