Goes Live Monday, Nov.3, 2008! The best thing about radio is that it's free. The best thing about the internet is how it can connect you to people and places and knowledge around the world.

This coming Monday morning you'll experience the best of radio and the internet combined when "" starts connecting you, wherever you live, to LDS music and information 24/7 and it's all free! Program Director Sam Payne talks about the concept, the special on-demand features, and the easy-as-pie nuts-and-bolts of how anyone can access online.

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"Hymns Anew," Music from Beyond the Zion Curtain Obviously not every accomplished LDS musician lives in Salt Lake or Utah counties, but it can be a little harder for those musical luminaries out shining their lights on distant (depending where you are) hills to catch the eye, or ear in this case, of the Saints.

This week we called Kansas City, KS, to explore "Hymns Anew," a modern acoustic treatment of LDS hymns by singer/arranger/producer Clayton Pixton and several of his talented siblings who are scattered all over the US.

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"Mountain Blue," Southern Gospel Right From the Heart of... BYU? One is from Southern California, another from South Utah County, but that's about as Southern as most of the members of Mountain Blue get.  Still, when you hear their new CD "Mountain Blue," you'll know they all made a Southern connection with these hymns and songs.

Familiar favorites like "Amazing Grace" get the Mountain Blue treatment as well as less familiar pieces like "Roll Back the Stone," "Gospel Train," and my personal favorite, the gospel standard "Wondrous Love."

It's good gospel fun this week on The Cricket and Seagull...

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Book of Mormon Geography with Dr. Stephen L. Carr While some have looked at the map of the entire Western hemisphere and discerned "the land Northward""and "the land Southward" and even the "narrow neck of land" spoken of in The Book of Mormon as self-evident, others have gleaned clues from the text itself which point to a much, much smaller geographical area.

Dr. Stephen L. Carr previews a presentation he's giving at an upcoming Book of Mormon Archeological Foundation conference happening in SLC next weekend ( for info on attending), in which he summarizes 5 of the most recent and best-supported theories of a Meso-American placement for the events of The Book of Mormon, and why thy matter.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull...

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