Hurricane Ike: In Their Own Words Some stayed, some evacuated, but all these Latter-day Saints have been affected by Hurricane Ike.  Sheriee Staub is busy cooking for the 60 or so Elders sleeping at a nearby stake center by night and cleaning up the community by day.  Greg and Sarah Evans headed for San Antonio with their toddler, and the owner of Nauvoo Books in Spring, TX, JoAnn Rapp feels blessed even though it may be quite some time before her bookstore can re-open.

Hear their stories in their own words, plus Houston South Stake President Gifford Nielsen (of BYU football and NFL renown) talk about the ability of the church organization to deal with disaster, the need for preparation, and the great support received from the brethren in SLC while many are still without water or power in the Houston area.

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"25," the New 6-CD Boxed Set from Michael McLean For 25 years Michael McLean has inspired listeners with his tender songs and candid messages.  To commemorate this anniversary, Michael has released a new collection of six albums, sold separately or as a commemorative boxed set, featuring many of the songs you know and love plus several brand-new recordings; the essential McLean anthology.

Michael talks about songwriting, the song he (and all writers) keep re-creating over and over, and why anyone would buy an album from a guy who can't sing!

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"Mothers Without Borders" with Kathy Headlee Miner Even with 6,000 children a day (yes, a day!) being orphaned by AIDS world-wide, Kathy Headlee Miner is not discouraged.  She talks about the founding of "Mothers Without Borders," not shutting out problems just because they seem overwhelming, and why the term "success" is irrelevant.  

Always articulate and passionate about what she does, Kathy shares a new painting from Liz Lemon Swindle depicting Christ in Africa and an upcoming concert by Jericho Road  which are two ways you can make a difference in the world right now, plus the 2008 fundraiser boutique in Layton, UT—a way to make your Christmas budget reach farther around the world than you'd ever imagined.

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