LDS Music Streaming Online 24/7 for Free! Now "Soft Sunday Sounds" is streaming inspirational music via the internet 24/7 from FM100 in Salt Lake City, UT. That means anytime, anyplace, day or night, whatever time zone, whether you live in London or Lindon, Provo or Prague, you can hear inspirational favorites to help set the mood for your day. And it's free!

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Pioneer Day Interview with Brother Brigham Himself! What would you ask Brother Brigham if you could sit down and talk about the trek West, his relationship with Joseph Smith, Johnson's army, or a hundred other topics?

Thanks to the expertise and research of actor James Arrington, Salt Lake City broadcaster Joan Peterson and I got to do just that. Hear about the first Pioneer Day celebrations in the canyons and the memorable July 24th when Porter Rockwell rode into the festivities to announce Johnson's army was on its way!

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"Last Man Standing" with Ryan Shupe and The Rubber Band Ever since these Utah boys made good with a national recording contract, they've been touring their brand of country and folk-based musical mayhem all over America.

So how do five LDS RM's fit into the Nashville music scene? Songwriter Ryan Shupe shares his thoughts on everything from "Dream Big" to "Corn Dogs" on their latest release, "Last Man Standing."

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Celebrate America's 4th with Utah's Songwriting Senator Orrin Hatch Celebrate America's 4th with Patriotic Music from Utah's Songwriting Senator

Even with all the years he's served in the US Senate, most of Senator Hatch's constituents are unaware of his penchant to put pen to paper writing hymns, songs, and patriotic music, or that they've been sung at Presidential Inaugurations and even on "Oprah."

This week we're celebrating America's Independence Day with music of home and country he's co-written with Janice Kapp Perry. We talked to both of them this week about their favorites and the stories behind the music.

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