"Saturday's Warrior" and "The White Star" with Doug Stewart Thirty-five years after its premiere, "Saturday's Warrior," the LDS cultural phenomenon of the 70's, gets an anniversary performance tour and a bookend in "The White Star," which follows Jimmy Flinders, now James, into fatherhood and a secret wound which pulls him farther and farther from his family and the Lord.

Playwright and producer Doug Stewart talks about the development of "Saturday's Warrior," its impact on the culture, and the changes he's seen in the last 35 years of Mormon Art.

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"Man of Honor--Remembering Gordon B. Hinckley" a musical tribute CD benefitting The Perpetual Education Fund From the many, many submissions received from LDS musicians, Craig Clifford and Jeff Goldman have compiled a 19-song remembrance of the life and teachings of President Gordon B. Hinckley which is as warm to look at and read as it is to hear.

But perhaps the best part of this musical remembrance is that it continues the work Pres. Hinckley began--all net proceeds will go to the Perpetual Education Fund. The compilers tell their experiences, preview the songs, and share a response from Pres. Hinckley's posterity.

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The Making of MormonTimes.com Imagine being the editor or the designer of a major newspaper at a time when many print papers are dying as their readership moves to online news media. Joe Cannon, Editor of the Deseret Morning News, and his staff have not only reinvented themselves online at DesNews.com, but have in the process also invented a whole new forum for Latter-day Saint culture and belief—MormonTimes.com.

From his office in Salt Lake City, Joe Cannon talks about the paper's tradition, putting MormonTimes.com together and what it hopes to capture, as well as a little bit about his own online feature—no longer anonymous—The Word of the Week.

In the newsroom itself, web expert Joe Charbonneau talks about the technical details, what stories are most popular, and the technologies which keep adding features to MormonTimes.com.

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"What a Friend We Have in Jesus" by Chieko Okazaki "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," by Chieko Okazaki

What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer!

Reflecting on these words from a favorite Protestant hymn of her youth, Chieko Okazaki writes with feeling and passion about the relationship each of us can have with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Speaking up especially for those who feel disenfranchised and overlooked in the church,Sister Okazaki reminds us to claim the blessings our Savior has in store for us.

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