"Forgiving Ourselves, Getting Back Up When We Let Ourselves Down," by Wendy Ulrich We Latter-day Saints believe in becoming better — we work hard at it — but we're also among the most self-critical people. Too often we fail to fully claim the "amazing grace" of the Atonement. How can we help our loved ones — and ourselves — let go of past mistakes? Wendy Ulrich, an experienced psychologist, maps the journey from self blame to self-forgiveness. She shows how the pure doctrines of the restored gospel, coupled with the practical perspectives of psychology, can help us stop harrowing our souls and start planting the seeds of faith, healing, and joy.

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"Stones" with LDS Playwright J. Scott Bronson "Stones" with LDS Playwright J. Scott Bronson

He's worked onscreen in "Touched by an Angel" and other television and film work, but LDS playwright Scott Bronson's first love is the stage; whether it's writing, directing, or acting. This month he's doing all three at once in his award-winning play "Stones," playing at the Covey Center for the Performing Arts through April 26th of 2008.

This powerful work is actually two parallel one-act plays--"Altars" and "Tombs,"--played by the same actors. The first tells the story of Abraham, Isaac, and Sarah, and the second featuring Mary, Jesus, and Joseph. Scott talks about his rules for putting words in the mouth of scriptural characters, the idea of sacrifice, and the human side of doing God's will. I was fascinated by every minute of his thought-provoking conversation and I think you will be too.

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