"Wake Up to a Happier Life" with Amanda Dickson If you'd had nearly 20 different jobs in your life and liked (almost) all of them, you might be an expert --an expert on finding joy in work.

Amanda Dickson is best-known as the co-host of Utah's Morning News with Grant and Amanda on KSL radio in Salt Lake City, but she put down the microphone and picked up the pen long enough to share a wealth of information and humor on the work we choose to do at home or in the workplace, attitudes, opportunities (like getting fired), and more.

Leave it to someone who starts every morning at 3:00 AM to know how to be excited to get up tomorrow and do it all with joy.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull...

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LDS Church History tour with Alan McKay This week: Part 2 of our series on LDS Travel -- featuring Morris Murdock’s 10-day LDS Church History Tour with Yours Truly and Alan McKay.

In February of this year -- 2007 -- I visited with Morris Murdock travel host extraordinaire Alan McKay at a Salt Lake City travel expo about the questions most people have regarding LDS Church History travel;  Why a group tour instead of doing it on your own?  How old do my children need to be to get the most from experience?  How heavily scheduled are the tours, and what can make this trip to sites from Palmyra to Kirtland to Independence to Nauvoo and Winter Quarters, a spiritual journey as well.

With temperatures cooling and the leaves changing, Fall is the most beautiful time to tour in the Eastern and Mid-Western US.  We’ll also have information on how you can join Alan McKay and me for a 10-day tour of LDS Church History this Fall.

That’s this week on The Cricket and Seagull...
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