The Price We Paid - with Andrew D. Olsen I just dropped off my 16-year-old pioneer. Except for the burgundy tennis shoes, he looked like he might have stepped right out of the 19th century (including the haircut). I waved as he shouldered his burlap gunny sack and headed off to meet his "family" for the next three days of pulling a handcart through the Utah Rockies. I wonder what his 4th-great grandparents -- the ones who actually survived crossing half the US on foot -- would think.

It's trek season and Latter-day Saint youth around the world are re-enacting the remarkable experiences of the 1856 handcart pioneers.

Andrew D. Olsen, author of "The Price We Paid, the Extraordinary Story of the Willie & Martin Handcart Pioneers," shares the stories and people of these best-known handcart companies in the most in-depth and complete retelling of their incredible saga ever published.

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Meridian Publishing - with Scot Proctor Imagine ordering books online that are then printed, bound, and then popped in the mail to you in the same time it would take from major online publishers -- in fact, you can do it today!

Meridian publisher Scot Proctor unveils a 21st century publishing solution that knocks the socks off old-school warehouse publishers while providing a way to reach Latter-day Saints and other values-minded people world-wide (think "every nation, kindred, tongue, and people") on demand. Take a listen and catch the vision of Meridian Publishing.

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"Songs of Praise" with Paul Cardall Best known for his contemporary instrumental work, pianist and composer Paul Cardall surprises his fans and unveils a new album full of, well, words. And not just any words -- "Songs of Praise" combines lyrics and the talents of Evangelical Christian rock singer Steele Croswhite to give voice to Paul's gratitute for life, for love and God's goodness in a way that bridges the gap between LDS and other Christians by celebrating the common ground.

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