"And They Were Not Ashamed -- Strengthening Marriage Through Sexual Fulfillment" by Laura Brotherson President Spencer W. Kimball wrote that the marriage relationship could be "an exultant ecstasy," yet too often well-meaning couples who are working together in every other area of their relationship find themselves frustrated and at cross purposes in the area of sexual intimacy.

The success of Laura Brotherson's ground-breaking book "And They Were Not Ashamed" shows the hunger LDS couples have for accurate, yet gospel-compatible information to help them connect joyfully in this important part of every marriage relationship.

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Ahmad Corbitt, Director of Public and International Affairs for the LDS church in New York City For many people, New York City is The city -- the center of the world. But even those who most love the hustle and bustle also love Central Park, an unbelievably huge swath of nature and peace in the midst of the highest real estate value in the country.

Similarly, since 2004 the Manhattan LDS Temple has provided a different kind of oasis for the 14 stakes in the temple district.

From his office in the temple complex, Ahmad Corbitt, Director of International and Public Affairs for the LDS Church in New York discusses his conversion, common misconceptions he battles, the church in an urban setting, and much more.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull...

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