"Anytime, Anywhere" with Elder John H. Groberg For Elder and Sister Groberg, "anytime, anywhere" meant moving their family over a period of thirty years to various locations across the globe from Hawaii to South America to Hong Kong. In every circumstance they experienced miracles large and small as they helped move the work of the Church forward. Anytime, Anywhere shares many of the touching and meaningful lessons they learned.

Whether traveling the globe or serving right where you live, you'll enjoy Elder Groberg's insights on preparation, service, and finding your mission in life from his book, "Anytime, Anywhere."

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"Sisters of Light - Music for the Sisters of the Church" with Jenny Phillips Daughter, wife, new mother (again), writer, singer; they all describe aspects of Jenny Phillips, but you can learn the most about her heart and soul from listening to her music. "Sisters of Light" is her new CD release with music for the sisters of the church; celebrating who they are, their mission, and their individual importance to Heavenly Father.

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"Hilary Weeks: The Collection" After charming and uplifting hundreds of thousands of listeners for the past 15 years, Hilary Weeks finally releases "Hilary Weeks: The Collection." This new CD includes 15 best-known songs from her 5 solo albums, but also features two new recordings unavailable anywhere.

In this edition Hilary talks about life, 15 years of music making, finding strength to face fears and challenges, her first-ever concert premiere on April 6th in Salt Lake City, and much more. 

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"Songs From My Heart - the Stories Behind the Songs" with Janice Kapp Perry From "As Sisters in Zion" to "I Walk By Faith" and "We'll Bring the World His Truth (Army of Helaman)," Janice Kapp Perry has written for every age group in the church. Now, in her book "Songs From My Heart," she shares the insights and stories behind 100 of her best-known and best-loved compositions.

Listen as Janice shares her music and her thoughts about these stories, songs and tests, and those too-rare moments of "spiritual dictation" when the music just seems to flow.

All this and much more this week on the Cricket and Seagull...

(Plus get a 40% discount on the book through April 2007 at JaniceKappPerry.com)

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