These days more people than ever can work from home and telecommute, you can even do your own radio show (like this one!) from your home studio, and now, you can even be your own radio station -- all from a little black box in your back room.

John and Shelly Hesch

Of course you have to figure out how to do all this from scratch since it's all new technology. But if you're John Hesch, from St. George, Utah -- that's way down south in Utah's "Dixie" -- you get the bug, the passion for an outlet for independent LDS music, and you start with just one listener and watch it grow until you have listeners in over 50 countries!

The Hesch's License Plate

That’s this week, on the Cricket and Seagull...

The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat is a Podcast bringing music and interviews to Latter-day Saints and their friends worldwide. Steven Kapp Perry features the unique voices of authors, artists, musicians, scholars, and fellow Saints. Pull up a chair and join us for The Cricket & Seagull Fireside Chat!

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