"A Heart Like His" with Virginia Hinckley Pearce Author Virginia H. Pearce As busy as we are, hearing that "man is that he might have joy," can almost seem like one more Herculean task to add to our already-daunting to-do lists. But what if there were a way, a way to feel that joy, to feel the love of God -- daily -- without adding even one more thing to the list? Interested? So was Virginia Hinckley Pearce. A busy person, author, wife, mother of six and grandmother of twenty-two with service in the Young Women general presidency and the general board of the Primary -- she and a group of sisters found just that; a way for all of us to rediscover basic Christianity and find it right within our own hearts, by making them "Hearts Like His." That's this week on the Cricket and Seagull...
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"Esther and the King" from Liken the Scriptures Sometimes no matter how hard you try to go down one path, you find yourself walking down another. And if you're lucky -- or blessed -- you might even find out you like it better. You might even find out it's the one the Lord had in mind for you all along. Today we talk to Producer Ken Agle and his brother Dennis, writer and co-director, and after the break we'll hear from songwriter and co-director Aaron Edson. Those three, along with Executive Producer Craig Brooksby, make up the team behind "Liken the Scriptures," the wildy popular children's musical scripture series on DVD. That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull... - SKP
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"He Did Deliver Me From Bondage" Part 2 with Colleen Harrison Last week we began a new series on overcoming addiction through the atonement of Jesus Christ (See Archives for April 2006 for Part 1). In Part 1, author Colleen Harrison discussed the origins of her book, "He Did Deliver Me from Bondage," and her personal journey. Today we continue that discussion, talk about the fruits of writing the book, and hear from Colleen's husband, Phil, author of "Clean Hands, Pure Heart -- Overcoming Addication to Pornography through the Redeeming Power of Jesus Christ." (At the end of the last edition Colleen told of the formation of local Heart-t-Heart support groups which can be found at http://www.heart-t-heart.org) That's this week on the Cricket and Seagull... - SKP
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