"He Did Deliver Me From Bondage" Part 1 with Colleen Harrison Addiction. A word used commonly in a joke, as in, "I'm a chocoholic." And it's funny. Unless it's true. Addiction. For some it conjures images of needle marks and drunks and back alleys. Others think it's just wishy-washy people who lack will power. For the addicts themselves -- and the ones who love them -- it means a desperate daily struggle to maintain any sense of normalcy while slowly losing a life-and-death spiritual battle with a pull or compulsion now completely beyond anything as puny as will power. But not beyond the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. There is nothing stronger than the absolute power of that infinite act. Today, we join author Colleen Harrison to discuss her book, "He Did Deliver Me From Bondage," for part one of a series on overcoming addiction through the incomprehensible power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. (See Part 2 in the May 2006 Archives. In this edition Colleen tells of the formation of local Heart-t-Heart support groups which can be found at http://www.heart-t-heart.org) That's this week on the Cricket and Seagull... - SKP
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"Popcorn Popping" It's Spring -- at least in the more moderate parts of the Northern hemisphere -- and, well, I looked out my window and what did I see? Yup. Popcorn popping on the apricot tree. So I started thinking about this song and how popular it is, and how even grown-ups can remember all the words and the actions, and how come it's included in our Primary Children's Songbook even though there's nothing religious in it, and how come it's the one Primary song singers think is safe to have a little fun with... That's this week on the Cricket and Seagull... - SKP
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The "Beloved Hymns" Series with Michael Dowdle He's written and played themes for ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, and the "Good Morning America" and "Today Show" themes among others. He can rock with the best of them, but seems most at home playing "Follow the Prophet" -- that's with a "ph" and not an "f" -- on the mandolin. His name is Michael Dowdle, unless you're in the BYU 127th ward and you just call him "Bishop." Today we feature music from his Beloved Hymns series, how the Lord opens doors, and avoiding being a musical Pharisee. That's this week on the Cricket and Seagull... - SKP
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"Holy Places" with Chad Hawkins Imagine traveling to countries around the world always with the same destination in mind; the House of the Lord. In the course of sketching, photographing, drawing, and painting LDS temples around the world, artist and author Chad Hawkins has found himself interviewing Temple Presidents, architects, historians, builders, and LDS members around the globe, collecting the stories of faith and miracles which accompany his art to make up his new Deseret Book publication, "Holy Places." I interviewed him in his new home studio in Fruit Heights, UT. That's this week on the Cricket and Seagull... - SKP
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