Greg Hansen's Keynote to the FCMA Spring Workshop at BYU Twice a year the FCMA (Faith-Centered Music Association) holds a music workshop at BYU in connection with BYU's Media Week. Topics covered include songwriting, the business side of the music business, and sessions with alumni who have made a mark on the industry. This week we feature Greg Hansen's Keynote Address which kicked off the workshop. Greg discusses being an LDS Musician vs. being a Musician who is LDS, how many great songs a life well-lived is worth, and much more. He's introduced here by songwriter and producer Staci Peters, current Chair of the FCMA Board of Directors. That's this week on the Cricket and Seagull... - SKP
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Jenny Jordan Frogley with her debut CD How do you write and sing jingles for national clients, sub for Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight when they can't make it, be an arranger, producer, music director, and first call studio singer without ever making your own CD? That's what everyone -- including me -- keeps asking Jenny Jordan Frogley. It's totally pop this week on The Cricket & Seagull...
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The Miracles of the Santiago, Chile Temple Rededication A live telephone interview from Santiago, Chile, reporting on the recent rededication of the Santiago Temple. Brad Wilcox is an Educator, a BYU Professor, an author of published books and magzine articles, a sought-after speaker for Church Educational System programs like Especially for Youth and Education Week, a husband of one, father of four, and currently serving as mission president of 130 in the Chile Santiago East Mission, where he and wife Debi have been for the last 2 1/2 years. Today we talk to him about missionary work, the temple rededication, and small personal miracles. That's this week on the Cricket and Seagull... - SKP
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"The Miracle" - with Jenny Phillips With nearly 200 firesides, concerts, or other performances a year -- often with a full choir -- Jenny Phillips must be the hardest working woman in LDS music. Now she releases her newest CD, "The Miracle," a journey with the Apostle Peter. That's this week on the Cricket and Seagull... - SKP
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