'When I Can't Speak,' a retrospective album from Tyler Castleton

You've heard his songs for nearly two decades, but maybe you didn't know that songwriter, arranger, and producer Tyler Castleton was the man behind the music.

This new 17-track collection album includes some of Tyler’s most requested songs, as well as a few brand-new offerings, performed by Tyler himself.  With performances from the likes of Gladys Knight, Hilary Weeks, Jericho Road, Jenny Phillips, Kenneth Cope, Cherie Call and many others, "When I Can't Speak," features music that closes the gap between heaven and earth.


When I Sing (Tyler Castleton)
When I Can't Speak (Julie Yardley)
Love Will Find You There (John McVey)
Again (April Meservy)
Just Like a Father Would (Mercy River)
I Will Not Be Still (Kenneth Cope)
Blessed Be His Name (Jenny Phillips)
Sometimes He Lets It Rain (Katherine Nelson)
For the Love Of a Woman (Jericho Road)
You Can Change (Julie Yardley)
You Give (Hilary Weeks)
Walk With Me (Tyler Castleton)
I Just Knew (Cherie Call)
Sisters In Christ (Gladys Knight)
Let Him Heal Your Heart (Dave Kimball)
In the Meantime (Jessie Clark Funk)
Shine On (David Osmond)

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