A Hometown Christmas with Cori Connors

There’s nothing like a hometown Christmas — a Christmas when you were together with family, when the high school choir set the mood for the season with their concerts, and when you saw and waved to your neighbors as they scurried among the downtown shops seeking treasures for their loved ones.
A hometown Christmas is a bit harder to find these days — strip malls and canned holiday music which starts around Halloween have seen to that, but they still do happen.  In this case we’ll listen in on a few numbers from a hometown Christmas concert by Utah singer-songwriter Cori Connors, herself one of just two recipients of this year’s Governor’s Mansion Artist Awards for artistic contributions to the state and her community.  We’ll hear a Christmas story or two, a tribute to a real-life hometown hero, a song about the reason for the season, and finally, a sing-along “Silent Night” with all the people crammed into the Farmington Arts Center to celebrate the season.  I hope you’ll sing along.
Here’s to a hometown Christmas — that's this week on The Cricket and Seagull!

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Couple from LDS Charities serves Syrian refugees in Jordan

The "Arab Spring” has swept across the Middle East this year, bringing new freedoms to people in a number of nations, but in Syria, the winter approaches and hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees who have fled the fighting by crossing into Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan – nearly half a million and growing in number – are finding life more difficult than ever.

In one of the many refugee camps, you’ll find Jim and Karyn Anderson, two Utahns who have been serving as humanitarian workers for LDS Charities in Lebanon and now in Jordan, trying to bring relief and encouragement to the fathers and mothers who have made their way from Syria over the Jordanian border by night, often through gunfire with their children, seeking any kind of safe haven.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull!

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Musical Journeys and Time Machines, with BYU's Classical 89 streaming world-wide
It used to be that if you wanted hear music, you had to make it yourself, or find someone else who could make it.  Nowadays we can carry thousands of the greatest recordings ever made right in our pocket.  That part has changed.  What hasn't changed is what music does to us; what it makes us feel and remember.
Come do a little time-traveling and musical exploration with the hosts of Classical 89, BYU's music station, now streaming worldwide at Classical89.org.
That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull!
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'The Waiting Place,' new music from Calee Reed
When Calee Reed lets go with her big, hearty, infectious laugh, you can't help but laugh along.  And when she sings of joy or of holding on through heartbreak, it's hard not to feel that you know exactly what she means.  I guess that's the beauty of "The Waiting Place," the new album of songs that marks Reed's recording debut.
With imaginative pairings of familiar hymns and lots of originals, Calee Reed hits the mark nearly every time.  Her runaway success of a music video (which you can see here) shows a gift for finding the divine in the mundane and the everyday; the perspective that suddenly snaps everything trivial into it's proper proportion when something really important is suddenly at stake.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull.


  1. Give My Heart Your Peace
  2. Better Than a Hallelujah
  3. Called to Serve
  4. Closer to You
  5. Time for Love
  6. Trust in God
  7. The Waiting Place
  8. Where Can I Turn for Peace?/Be Still, My Soul
  9. She Put the Music in Me
  10. Come, Thou Fount/I Am a Child of God
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Come Sing With Us in Israel!

"Next year in Jerusalem!" The Jews have said it for centuries. For all who love the scriptures, visiting the Holy Land fills your heart and mind with feelings and images which rush back every time you open those sacred pages.

And some of the most moving memories come from singing the hymns at the very places they speak of; the little town of Bethlehem, a green hill far away, and not-so-far-far away on Judea's plains. To lift your voice in "He Is Risen!" at the Garden Tomb, to sing "I Stand All Amazed" among the ancient olive trees of the Garden of Gethsemane; these truly are sacred moments.

In this audio interview, renowned choral director Brady Allred invites experienced choral singers to combine voices and form a choir for a 10-day tour of Israel, including exchange performances with the Kolot Hasadeh Choir at the Harduf kibbutz, and at the acoustically gorgeous Scottish Church in Jerusalem with one of Shimon Levtov's accomplished choirs.

Along with the choral events, our experienced guides will make sure we still explore all of the important historical and religious sites which can make a visit to the Holy Land a life-changing spiritual experience in 2013 — "Next year in Jerusalem!"

Click Here for dates and details, including a full day-by-day itinerary.  If you’d like to join us, please act quickly, the tour has already begun to fill.

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Clive Romney: Committing our Ancestors' Lives to Art

For decades Clive Romney has been a solid session player, writer, producer, recording engineer, arranger and performer on the Utah music scene, but it wasn't until a change of heart in his 50's that he found what he describes as his true calling in life.

In this audio interview Clive tells both personal and universal stories that show the richness a connection with our ancestors can add to our lives.  And, like most good guys in westerns, you can always pick out Clive in a crowd; he's the one wearing the white hat.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull.

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Making friends and spreading the word in Nauvoo, Illinois

Summer is a busy season in Nauvoo, Illinois, especially if you are in charge of letting everyone know about the various events and shows happening every day.

In this audio interview, Elder Verl Doman talks about the work he and his wife, Sister Sue Doman, do every day as public affairs missionaries in Nauvoo, and how the church reaches out in friendship to Latter-day Saints and other people alike in the area.  Also discussed, is why the growth of the church in Nauvoo puts the LDS Church is a position similar to the 1840's when the influx of saints began to affect the balance in government and politics in the area.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull.

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Eric Samuelsen: Finding Spirituality in Unexpected Places

Recently retired BYU theater professor Eric Samuelsen has always connected spirituality with art, but he finds that connection in a lot of places where most people wouldn't think to look—like a ballgame or a rap song, or even zombie movies.

In this audio interview Samuelsen talks about his background in the arts and shares some eye-opening ideas about what expressions of the human soul can mean to someone with the gospel in their lives and the willingness to take a second look.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull.

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'When I Can't Speak,' a retrospective album from Tyler Castleton

You've heard his songs for nearly two decades, but maybe you didn't know that songwriter, arranger, and producer Tyler Castleton was the man behind the music.

This new 17-track collection album includes some of Tyler’s most requested songs, as well as a few brand-new offerings, performed by Tyler himself.  With performances from the likes of Gladys Knight, Hilary Weeks, Jericho Road, Jenny Phillips, Kenneth Cope, Cherie Call and many others, "When I Can't Speak," features music that closes the gap between heaven and earth.


When I Sing (Tyler Castleton)
When I Can't Speak (Julie Yardley)
Love Will Find You There (John McVey)
Again (April Meservy)
Just Like a Father Would (Mercy River)
I Will Not Be Still (Kenneth Cope)
Blessed Be His Name (Jenny Phillips)
Sometimes He Lets It Rain (Katherine Nelson)
For the Love Of a Woman (Jericho Road)
You Can Change (Julie Yardley)
You Give (Hilary Weeks)
Walk With Me (Tyler Castleton)
I Just Knew (Cherie Call)
Sisters In Christ (Gladys Knight)
Let Him Heal Your Heart (Dave Kimball)
In the Meantime (Jessie Clark Funk)
Shine On (David Osmond)

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'Be Still,' the new album of hymns from William Joseph

LDS pianist William Joseph is known for being a protegé of super producer David Foster, and his first two albums have wowed listeners and audiences alike with virtuosic performances.  Now his new release, "Be Still," features an entirely different approach.

Filled with thoughtful, liquid-sounding piano and joined at times by cello and violin, "Be Still," is a collection of reverent interpretations of favorite hymns with a two original pieces which match the mood of the project.  In this audio interview you'll hear samples of the music and William's thoughts on choosing and arranging the pieces.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull.

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