"Stories From the Life of Porter Rockwell" by John W. Rockwell & Jerry Borrowman

Some called him a Guardian Angel, others (mostly those who'd looked down the barrel of his gun) called him The Angel of Death.  He was blessed by the prophet that he'd never be killed by bullet or blade and as a token of that promise he was told never to cut his hair.  Word of that promise made him a Western legend, and plenty of outlaws put it to the test, but none successfully.

In the annals of LDS church history, perhaps no one but Joseph Smith himself has been cause for so much speculation and so many fascinating stories, but authors Jerry Borrowman and John W. Rockwell (Porter's great-great-grandson) sift through the legends for the facts—which even without embellishment somehow still leave us scratching our heads wondering who this boyhood friend of Joseph's, from the neighboring farm in Palmyra, really was.

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