Arnold Friberg's Book of Mormon Paintings Legacy


Richard G. Oman's enthusiasm for and understanding of Arnold Friberg's now-iconic Book of Mormon paintings makes him the perfect person to walk us through these larger-than-life images most of us have grown up with.  They are now on permanent display in the LDS Church Conference Center in Salt Lake City, meaning you can see them for free year 'round and even line up your own little stripling warriors for a photo op in front of Captain Moroni--at least that's what one family was doing the morning I visited the gallery.

In addition, brother Oman speaks about how art can teach us through our eyes, what Friberg was trying to say with the moments he chose to illustrate, the impact these dozen-or-so images have had around the world since being published in many versions of the Book of Mormon, and why, in spite of his other acclaim, these might be Friberg's most lasting legacy.

Click Here to view the images as you listen.  Please be reminded that they are owned by the LDS Church, appear here as a courtesy, and may only be used for non-commerical, personal purposes.

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