Mormons and the New Media

Like lots of the people on the planet, Latter-day Saints find themselves swimming in more and more new technology every year.  Just consider whether you send hand-written letters or use email these days?  Do you post family pictures on Picasa or Flickr and send links to your family?  Do you update your Facebook or MySpace page when someone gets a mission call, has a new baby, or just wants to post video of little Hannah's first violin recital?
Twenty years ago if someone had talked to me about Podcasting, Blogging, and YouTube, I might have thought they were talking about farming, bodily functions, and my own personal cryogenic chamber.  These days, those words have not only become a daily part of how many of us communicate, get our news and entertainment and share what we think is important, they've also shown up in addresses by General Authorities.  And of course there are also some technologies useful to the Saints in particular; like the new Gospel Library app for iPhone, the FamilySearch website, and streaming General Conference on-demand, when it's most convenient for us to listen.
In this edition, we're asking about the technologies YOU use and HOW you use them.  In the future we'll be delving deeper into how these can both help us and hurt us, and where to draw the line.  For today though, please just take a listen, think about the new technologies which have become part of your everyday life, then send us an email to help direct where this podcast (there's one of those words again) starts exploring.  Or, just leave a comment right here on this blog.
That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull...


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